19th/20th C English Folk Art Cobblers Stool84

19th/20th C English Folk Art Cobblers Stool84

Code: 10220


W: 84cm (33.1")H: 47cm (18.5")D: 46cm (18.1")


Agreat example of 19th C English Folk Art Furniture . This Bench was probably built by the same person who would have used it.

In the construction there are no Screws or moden glued joints, it is either pegged or nailed joints, with some genuin historic repairs as can be seen by the use of an old chair leg to the rear of the stool, obviously what was available at the time. The Seat has been repaired at some time past with a Leather strap constructed seat, again what was available to the user at the time. This is genuin Folk Art, Rustic country furnitur at the best.