Early 20th C Russian Distaff (Prialka)

Early 20th C Russian Distaff (Prialka)

Code: 10155


W: 27cm (10.6")H: 95cm (37.4")D: 57cm (22.4")


A very rare early 20th Century Russian Distaff or Prialka, used by the Peasant women of Northern Russia in turning the rough Flax into woolen Yarn, they would sit or Kneel  on the Base and winde round the Column. The Distaff is produced from a single piece of Hardwood often Spruce, Aspen or Birch. The Trunk of the Tree forming the Column and the Root Stump the Base. These were much prized possesions often given to a young Girl by a prospective Husband, they often carry the signature and a love inscription dedicated to the intended Wife.They are mainly in Three styles, Mizan  and Borok from the Arkhangelsk Region or the Gorodet from the Nizhny Novgorod Region, we think this is of the Borok style. Most Distaffs are now Museum pieces and found in the Russian Museum of Folk Art.